5 Core Principles

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To the Pet

The safety of the patients we serve is our top priority. We will make decisions based on the best medical and surgical outcomes for our patients. All members of the team are responsible for the safety and care of the patient.

To the Client

Service to the client is a major responsibility. Ensuring the client has the best customer service experience is a major factor in our decision making process.

To the Team

The quality of our work environment, our work-life balance and the long-term success of our teams is core to our mission. All decisions will be weighed against the impact of the team both in the long and short term.

To the Community

The vitality of the community, state and region in which we work and live are vital to our long-term success. We will be make ethical decisions based on the greater good of the community in which we serve.

To the Practice

To properly serve the other priorities we must build a stable, successful and profitable practice. We must make decisions based on the short and long-term impact on the reputation and profitability of the practice group.

Our Motto:

“Promoting pet health and a strong human/animal bond though quality care and client education.”

Our Mission Statement

To create a health care team that provides excellent veterinary service, care and value, exceeding client expectations. We strive to offer modern, progressive and professional veterinary services in a family-oriented environment that is financially sound, emotionally rewarding and a positive work environment.

Our Practice Philosophy

It is the goal of Los Sueños Veterinary Group to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients while simultaneously meeting the needs and expectations of the client. As we love and care for our animal friends, we must also love and show empathy to our clients, educating them effectively and providing them the personalized, compassionate care they deserve. Additionally, we must display to each other, our fellow health care team members, the same kindness and compassion we extend to our clients and patients. It is through traditional, family-oriented teamwork that we can achieve a positive working environment.
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