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About Us

Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital is located in Algodones, NM, just 25 minutes from Albuquerque, 30 minutes from Santa Fe, and 10-15 minutes from Rio Rancho.

Our clinic was started to help meet the growing demand for urgent/emergency vet care in New Mexico. We are a single-owner (noncorporate), locally-owned practice. Our owner was born and raised here in New Mexico. Our team is highly committed to our patients, clients and to serving our community. Sometimes pets require specialized and advanced emergency care and that is why Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital has been created as we are staffed and equipped to take specialized cases and emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our advanced diagnostic services include ultrasonography, digital radiography, in-house blood work, and blood gas analysis.  We also provide a vast array of emergency services from lacerations and bite wounds, to more severe emergencies such as various types of trauma, toxicities, and emergency surgeries to name a few. We also provide post-operative intensive care and around-the-clock veterinary care for patients requiring hospitalization.

Our mission at Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital is to set the standard for veterinary care and services by delivering outstanding evidence-based and best-practice medicine.

When referred to us by your primary veterinarian, we provide additional services to help aid in diagnosing, and in collaboration with your veterinarian, providing the best care and for the best quality of life for your pet.

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Emergency Services

The emergency services at Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to help with your pet’s urgent needs. 

Our staff is highly trained to evaluate and assess the severity of your pet’s illness and therefore if your pet is deemed stable this may mean having to wait while our doctors tend to animals with more emergent needs.  Wait times are also reflective upon what diagnostics and treatments are recommended for your pet.


We will communicate what to expect when your pet is evaluated and the reason for the diagnostics and treatments recommended. 

Wait times are variable and seen in order of arrival AND severity. This means that a critically ill/injured pet may be worked in ahead of patients who are medically stable.

If your pet is admitted into the hospital for further care and treatment, we will provide you with information regarding what to expect while your pet is in the hospital. 

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Specialty Services


Our ER service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our kind, compassionate and hard-working emergency vets can handle all emergencies. Our goal is to provide fast, comprehensive care and to collaborate with your regular vet to help ensure good follow up care and ultimately a successful outcome.


All of our veterinarians are comfortable performing emergency surgeries ranging from splenectomies, C sections and gastric volvulus surgery to laceration repair and foreign body removal (pet ate something they shouldn’t have and it got stuck).

Humane Euthanasia

We know that it’s difficult to face end of life decisions with a pet. When the time comes to say goodbye, we offer humane euthanasia services, a complementary paw print, and if desired, can arrange cremation services.

Digital Radiography (X-ray)

Just as in human medicine, x-ray aids in diagnosis of various illnesses and injuries. A few of the many conditions that can be diagnosed by digital radiographs are:

radiology x-ray


Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive imaging technique that uses sound waves to produce images of specific organs within the body. Some of the conditions that an ultrasound can help diagnose are:

In-Hospital Blood Work

We have the ability to perform blood work right within our hospital so we can get results immediately to help aid in the best treatment for your pet.

Our Team

Our team at Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital is here for you and your pet. Our staff is experienced and passionate about animals.